Be my EcoValentine (upcycled valentine gifts)

be mine
Show your love for our planet with upcycled mementos on Valentine’s Day.

Forgo the shopping aisles littered with single-use red and pink paraphernalia this time of year and save our planet one Valentine at a time with hand-crafted items. Mass-produced disposable keepsakes will eventually find their way to a land fill near you, but items lovingly crafted by human hands stand the test of time by clinging to your heart with delicious memories.

Here are a Cupid’s quiver full of Valentine’s-themed projects perfect for children and adults alike to take on which all embrace an upcycling approach to creativity.

time for love
Repurpose last years chocolate box into ValenTIME.

wood u b my Valentine

Wood u b my Valentine? Organic gift tags.


Glue flower seeds with a mix of flour and water onto heavy paper for the Valentine version of seed tape.

Create a vase with an upcycled cookie cutter and test tube for your fav valentine.

swift thrift gift

valentea valentea
Valen-tea: a whole new meaning to teetotaling.

tweet treat
seeds + ♥= Sweet Treats

tins and tines
tins + tines = Upcycled Love

swank bank
bottle + ♥ = Swank Bank

newsworthy roses
newsprint + scissors = Newsworthy Roses

tile smile
scrabble + magnet = Tile Smile

hot wired
poultry netting + stones = Hot Wired

pillow talk
me + u = Pillow Talk

lolly’s +  = Handlebar Heaven



painted love





Mmmmmmy Kinda Valentine: marshmellow heaven.

happy valentine


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