OLIVE-a-Sudden (tips, tricks and olive oil solutions)

Olive oil is a must-have household and beauty product. Who knew? This miracle substance has been revered for its merits in the culinary world, but it is so much more than that. It has dozens of fab uses around the home, including beauty aides that will surprise you. 

stuck zipper
Use a cotton swab to apply olive oil to zipper teeth to relieve a stuck closure.

Stain Less
wipe stainless
Buff stainless steel appliances with olive oil and a clean, soft cloth.

Squeak Tweak
door hinge
Dab a cotton ball with olive oil and wipe squeaky door hinges to lubricate and relieve creaks.

Shoe Shiney

Buff olive oil onto leather shoes, gloves, car seats and saddles with a cloth to restore and clean.

Listen Up
Warm olive oil in a warm water and place a few drops into an ear to relieve an ache. Infuse the oil with a crushed garlic clove to cure ear infections.

Throat Coat

Relieve itchy throats and lessen snoring with a tablespoon of olive oil to lubricate the back of the mouth and tonsil area.

Fluff and Buff
furniture polish   wipe furn
Remove dust and shine furniture with olive oil. Add a teaspoon to a quarter cup of lemon juice, and you’ve got a non-toxic polish that gently cleans wood surfaces.

Lube Job
lubricate spoon   drip
Lubricate spoons and measuring implements before using sticky substances such as honey or molasses. The ingredients will glide right off.

Hair Care
Apply a few tablespoons of warmed olive oil to damp hair to condition the scalp and soften hair. Massage into scalp and rub through the ends, then leave it on for thirty minutes to an hour.

Little Dab Will do Yah
remove label
Dab olive oil onto a sticker, label or chewing gum, let it sit for a few minutes and the annoying culprit will peel right off.

Hands On
oil cream
Scrub hands covered in paint, sap or other sticky substance with olive oil and a little salt or sugar to remove the unwanted mess, leaving your skin soft and exfoliated.

Eye Opening
makeup remover
Remove makeup with a cotton ball dabbed with olive oil. Olive oil also soothes itchy, burning, irritated skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles without clogging pores.

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