Computer Suitor (upcycled laptop case)

Computer Suitor
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This laptop satchel is easily created from a single sports jacket and strapping with adjustable buckles. Substitute a repurposed belt for the strapping.

Sports or suit jacket
Adjustable strap buckles (1 small, 2 large)
Piping (optional)

Seam ripper
Measure tape
Sewing machine

Step by steps:
Remove lining from jacket and reserve if using for lining in satchel. Save all labels and buttons for detailing on finished unit.

Measure laptop width, length and thickness; add 1” to all measurements.
For example:
10″ long x 13.25″wide x 1.5″ thick = 11″long  x 14.25″wide  x 2.5″thick for front and back pattern pieces
Cut 2 pieces from fabric and 2 pieces from lining.

Cut flap using the width measurement and ¾ of the length measurement.
For example:
11″ long x 14.25″wide = 8.25″ x 14.25″ for flap pattern piece.
Cut one from fabric incorporating a pocket on jacket for a detail feature – piece together fabric if necessary to achieve finished size and shorten inside pocket to fit. Embellish with a label if desired. Cut one from lining.

Cut sides using the thickness measurement, 2 lengths and one width measurement.
For example:
11″ long x 14.25″wide  x 2.5″thick  = 2.5″ x 36.25″(11 + 11 + 14.25)
Cut one from fabric  and one from lining.

Sew flap onto top back of satchel.

Add piping to front and back sections if desired.

Stitch front and back sections together with side panel.

Attach strapping to buckles as shown.

Stitch onto sides and flap.
8    9

Sew lining together. Turn right side out. .

Turn fabric satchel inside out and insert lining, right sides together. Pin together, leaving flap end open. Stitch in place

Turn satchel inside out and press. Hand stitch lining to fabric at flap opening. Reinforce straps with buttons, this will also keep the lining laying flat on the sides.

Insert laptop into satchel and determine position of buckle closure. Hand stitch in place  or open small section of bottom seam and insert into seam. Hand stitch closed.
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  2. Alaine says:

    I think I will make one of these from one of my Dad’s old sports jackets. Of course he is 95 and is still wearing them so I guess I have to wait. A long time I hope.

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