Preloved Clothing (something old, something new)

tied up cocktail dress
Simple ideas have dramatic impacts.
These conversions upcycle preloved clothing into designs worthy of Project Runway.
Gotta love it.

Upcellas: umbrella – wire cage = flirty skirt

Umbrellas may come and go with the wind, but a
reclaimed brollie is the perfect template for a sassy skirt.

Tee-rific: t shirt + scissors = ruffled chic
ruffle te

Ruffles are so darned pretty.
If you’d like to invite some into your existing wardrobe,
raid your closet and give forgotten tees a new lease on life

Wearable Art: strips + seams = neat neckwear
wearable art
DIY necklaces from upcycled clothing is all the rage -
and as easy as stripping down a tee.

Size XXL: oversixed t shirt + imagination = stylish sundress
sun dresses
Baggy t-shirts have a lot more potential when upcycled into chic and sexy sundresses.

Make a Sweater Better: sweaters + sweaters = sweet sweater

There is nothing like a warm and fuzzy sweater coat for those cold days.
Whip up your own with recycled sweaters and create a one-of-a-kind creation
that’s guaranteed to keep the chill off.

Footloose and Fancyfree: sweater + flats = boots

What do you get if you mix and old sweater,
some cheap flat shoes, and lots of hot glue?
Awesome sweater boots.

Here Kitty Kitty: sweater sleeve + little noggin =  meow-verlous beanie 
This head warmer is just plain delightful, without being catty.

Glove Love: sweater + serger = hand warmers
Craft unique hand warmers with multiple
layers of recycled sweater parts and give yourself a hand.

Java Jacket: sweater + wool = coffee warmer
Coffee cozy fashioned from recycled felted sweater.


Just Felt Like It: hot water + sweater = purse-onality
Felting is an easy craft to execute with fabulous results.
Shrinking wool sweaters to create a boiled wool effect is
the perfect textile for purses with personality.

Icing on the Cake: cuffs + ribbing = pin cushion
pin cushio
Use leftover scraps of recycled sweaters to make
this cushion for pins – the perfect companion for upcycling reclaimed clothing.

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